Saturday, 27 July 2013

we are Community helpers…

Last  week the Little Learners continued to learn about

community helpers.


We identified helpers from various real hats and trade tools associated with jobs.  Later, each child took turn in donning a hat and pretending to be the community helper it represented.  They sat out the front of the class and fielded questions from other Little learners about their job and were required to stay in character to respond.  It was hilarious.  One Little learner added an accent as he responded and naturally that sparked the interest of many and we ended up having not only community helpers but helpers that came from all different countries.  A truly multicultural affair indeed.

I loved listening to questions being answered using content information gleaned from the unit thus far. It was so much fun and you guessed it I was chosen to take part too.  I sometimes wonder what they think, or perhaps what passers by think as they glance into our room!

Well the fun didn’t stop there.

Next I issued everyone with an A4 sized photograph in black and white.  The Little Learners quickly glued it onto an A4 piece of card.  They then chose the hat that they wanted to use and pasted it onto the photograph. These hats were printed in full colour for visual contrast against the B&W photo.

I Love the effect.  Our Photo wall is very cute.



The little Learners wrote a sentence or too based on their chosen community helper and the results speak for themselves.  The Little learners beamed and read and reread their sentences to each other well into the afternoon.

   c     e     d

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Barbara Leyne said...

I LOVE this activity, Julie! I'm pinning it so can remember it for later this year.

Julie Stowe said...

It is fun working with photo's. Little Learners are so ego centric. Thanks for your feedback...always appreciated.
Julie :)

Sandi said...

Your photos (and the learning they represent) are awesome. Love the idea.

Nilangi said...
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Nilangi said...

Hi...Lovely idea,very creative...and something new

I am your newest follower!
I'd love you to stop by my blog if you get a chance!


Julie Stowe said...

Thanks for following first target of 20 followers is getting excited. Just headed over to your blog to follow you too.
Take care
Julie :)

Nilangi said...

I can feel you.All the best,,,You will have many more 20sss.


Lyn Goff said...

Hi Julie,
I just found you through Sandi. I love this idea. Your blog is wonderful.
Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales

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