Thursday, 18 July 2013

People Who Help Us–project style

God’s People in Community – People Who Help Us
This is the theme for one of our major units this term.  It’s a fun topic and the Little Learners usually love the visits from community helpers who come into our rooms to share information about their jobs with us.
This year I am having the Little Learner’s be responsible for presenting their information

 project style

Today I showed them many different possibilities just so they understand that they can choose how the information is presented.  They were so excited with the idea that they have choices.
I instantly followed this session up by having them prepare their template and titles…

you know I couldn’t give them total choice

guess I am a control freak after all. (surprise, surprise I hear you shout)


A sheet of cardboard was folded in half, then in  half again so there were 4 equal sections 
Next the card was opened and the outer left and right sections were folded inward ensuring that the opening was at the centre.
I printed a title identification sheet and the Little Learner’s wrote their names, coloured the letters and cut off excess paper.  The two sections of the title were then pasted on either side of the centre opening. 
Yes… I did have to adjust a couple so that they met up precisely. {How do you think I’ll fare over the next few weeks as they will be totally responsible for their layout?}
A closer look

Looks a little dry now but…

fast forward a few weeks and it will be covered inside and out with tid bits of factual information and illustrations.  It should be grand indeed.
Happy Thursday!
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Barbara Leyne said...

Choice is always great! Structured choice is even better ~ haha!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Julie. Maybe some day i'll make it to Australia to run one of those 10ks:)

BTW, did you know you're a no-reply blogger? What that means is that when I get your comments in my email inbox I can't reply to you :(

Check out this tutorial if you're interested in fixing that:

Take care!


Julie Stowe said...

Thanks for your guidance Barbara. I had no idea what was happening and as usual you have saved the day!

Have a great weekend.
Julie :-)

Lauren Kuhn said...

Hi Julie,

I saw your comment on another blog and popped over to see you because I'm an Aussie blogger, too! I teach Prep at a Christian school in Qld. I'm your newest follower. I hope you can stop past and visit my blog. :)

Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

Julie Stowe said...

Hi Lauren
Your blog is great! I did stop by and I am now a follower too.
Julie :-)

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