Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Revealing Shelf

Have you got one of those shelves at home that really look like you need to clean it up but each time you attempt it you end up spending too much time reminiscing over the memories associated with each item and in the end just leave it alone with the promise that next time you’ll fix it? 

Well I do and this is it.


It really doesn't look quite as bad in this photo as it looks in reality.

Have a close look. 

It’s all junk but special too. 

I mean who keeps their old, very old glasses, just sitting on a crockery cookie jar.. and that cookie jar, useless as it doesn’t seal but very precious as it belonged to my nanny.  So precious in fact that one of her old friends gave me her matching jar from the same series and I just had to keep it too.  Did you notice the small red blob at the front?  Its a gumnut that has been painted and made into a bobbing head turtle – my colleague gave it to me and I simply cherish it. My Royal Family photo postcard sent from England by a friend who teases me for liking the Royal Family and the list goes on.

Hodge podge and random describe my shelf perfectly. 
Let’s take a closer look…

come on…



The ‘Toy box’ plays music and some of the toys move or at least use to at some stage.  I love it and have had it for about 25years.

The African doll is a fertility figure given to me by a friend and thank goodness there is no truth in its role because at 46years a baby in not on the menu!

A pencil sharpener, I thought was cute, from my husbands office a lifetime ago.

A photo of my beautiful baby girl, not framed, just leaning against the bookcase.  Maybe one day I’ll frame it…maybe not…

The little bunny ears form part of a little Bunnikins figurine given to me when my first child was born. Very precious indeed.

Now I know you are thinking ‘thank goodness she only captured a small section up close or we’d be here forever’

I agree but
just wanted to offer a glimpse of me…outside the classroom!

Please tell me that you have special things that you keep too!

Happy Holidays!
Mrs Stowe Smile


Barbara Leyne said...

Haha. I totally get that. I still have a chipped dog figurine from when I was 11. I can't part with it because it reminds me of my very first dog, Muggins:)

Julie Stowe said...

I am so grateful of your comment Barbara...I was hoping, fingers crossed and everything that I wasn't the only one!

Julie :-)

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