Thursday, 25 July 2013

Matchy Room Set Up…

Ladybug Tub Labels and a few ‘matchy’ extras.

If you think Ladybugs are super cute. 
You should check out Mel From the Pond’s Ladybugs.  
They are gorgeous.

Mel designed these in many colours and generously shares them with us.

Mel you are a gem!


I teamed them with a checked background from, Teaching hart, for a bit of colour themed fun and did a room walk to see what I needed.  I ended up creating 33 new labels!

(obviously my needs are great.)

teachingbyhart logo





I  am also making a few other useful bits and pieces using the same theme so please come back tomorrow for a look.

I like all things matchy in my classroom. 
{well almost all things}

If you like them too head over to my tpt store and grab your own.
Don't forget to leave me a comment at my tpt store.  I really value your feedback.


Happy Thursday
Mrs StoweSmile


First Grade Carousel said...

I LOVE how you used complete sentences on your labels!
First Grade Carousel

Julie Stowe said...

Thanks. The Little Learners quickly learn to read these sentence labels which is great. :-)

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