Tuesday, 30 July 2013

watermelon…yes please

It all began with a paper plate.

Look up because they are hiding a little in this picture.

watermellon 8

First the Little Learners painted a two tone green edge to the outer edges
of a paper plate that had been cut in half.

          watermellon 2     watermellon 3

Next the centre was painted a
deep pinkish colour.

           watermellon 1    watermellon 4

Pre cut pieces of black paper were glued onto the pinkish centre
to become seeds.

watermellon 9

The Little Learners
wrote some super sentences
about their watermelon.

“My watermelon smells delicious.”

“My watermelon is juicy”

“My watermelon is tasty and pink.”

       watermellon 6    watermellon 10 watermellon 11

Finally the delicious Sound focus Art, Craft, writing work was done
and now hangs proudly
from the ceiling.

watermellon 7

Of course it’s ‘w’ week.

Happy Tuesday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Lauren Kuhn said...

Gorgeous! I do a hand and finger painted watermelon when we study the seasons (in Summer week) and they always brighten up the classroom so nicely!

Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

Nilangi said...

hey....I just had a watermelon juice and headed towards to your blog....

what a surprise....well done buddy

Julie Stowe said...

In Australia we are in the middle of winter right now...longing for summer warmth and watermellon juice!

with thanks

Julie :)

Julie Stowe said...

Hi Lauren, I made a game with the same craft look early in the year but didn't put seeds on the plates. The kids had to match the seeds with the numeral or number word written on the piece of watermelon. I used pumpkin seeds. This was a fun activity for summer start of the year number recognition.

Julie :)

Rae said...

So adorable! What a great idea!

I am your newest follower - I found you from Karmen's Kinders blog!

Mindful Rambles

Julie Stowe said...

Welcome aboard and thanks for your support.
Julie :-)

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