Monday, 29 July 2013

Poetry Linky to inspire joy…

I am excited that this is my very first Linky and who better to Link with than…

 Barbara Leyne from Ruby Slippers Blog Designs
and Grade Onederful. 

If you don’t know Barbara then please head over via the links above and check her site. 
Inspirational indeed. I promise you will be well rewarded. 
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Now what is  the Linky


I don't know that Miss Apple is my favourite poem and even as I am writing this I have a flood of others filling my mind.  However, it is definitely one that the Little Learners love and quickly learn too.  It has a special place in my heart because I learnt it while I has a student teacher many years ago.


I photographed using my iPad so sorry if it is a little blurry.

red apple        apple

The poem is titled
Miss Apple and the author is unknown. 

I have used this poem in every grade, every year of my teaching career.  Sometimes I make an apple tree and we attach the apple craft.  I like doing this because you can curl the eyelashes around a pencil and they look really cute 3D.


This year we made our apples and pasted them alongside the poem in our Busy Books.  The kids often return to this poem during our page review time and read it to a friend.  I love watching their little faces the first few times we read it together as they anticipate the missing word ‘bite’ at the end. Often I don’t include this word in print or as I read it aloud to the class and the Little Learners eagerly shout it out. Honestly they almost burst with enthusiasm.

Pure Joy!

Hope you like it too. 

Happy Monday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Barbara Leyne said...

Julie! Thank you so much for the fabulous shout-out and for linking up.
I love that little poem.
I'm taking a break from Grade ONEderful for about 4 weeks, but I'll be back with Sunday Poetry Slam in September so I hope you'll link up again:)

Sandi said...

What a fun apple poem and craft. Pinning!

Nilangi said...

woow...short and sweet poem.

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