Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Australian Reptile Park

Each grade in our school is more or less allocated a ‘special’ excursion destination which enhances curriculum outcomes

You will never guess who has a snake/reptile phobia yet for the past 10 years has visited the

Australian Reptile Park
for their ‘special’ excursion…

You guessed it…lucky ME!!!

Each year I go along hoping that this year I will overcome my phobia.  I even held a 23kg python one year but alas I am still phobic.  I have become master of covering my fear so the Little Learners don't take on my ridiculous phobia.  However, I do draw the line at visiting reptiles in the classroom…eww.

This years visit was a huge success and the Little Fearless Learners celebrated Australian reptiles (and some other Australian animals) with joy.


Just look at the excitement or relaxed expressions on my Little Learner’s faces as they handle snakes!

They love them.


And again.

Dare I say joy!…


The Australian Reptile Park is amazing and I do appreciate the many reptiles.  We are privileged to live about 35mins away and take an excited Kindergarten group by bus every year.  They have hands on encounters with may reptilian ‘friends’ as well as an educational talk by a professional staff member or two. 

A highlight is a play in the park after lunch.

on the see saw  1 josh

LOL  Some children like to pat a kangaroo…


While others like to dress them in their jackets
{fortunately we were not kicked out}


And some Little Learners even like to walk with emus!
{Wonder how the emu is feeling}


All in all a fun day…I survived…again!

Happy Sunday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Paula Shaw said...

You and I have done our animal bit I think
Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

Julie Stowe said... you know I wasn't faking it when I empathised with your animal situation last week. I DO UNDERSTAND!

Hope you made them laugh at the virtual zoo idea at todays meeting.

Julie :)

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