Monday, 1 July 2013

A Little bit of Holiday Learning…

Orton-Gillingham Australia Institute for Multisensory Language education

What better way to spend one week of a two week winter break than attending a course!


I stumbled over the end of term finish line all but exhausted but now I am totally pumped with learning a new skill and increased awareness of dyslexia. Go figure!!  I have been waiting almost a year to participate in this course.  It’s only held once a year in Sydney and
I am thrilled to be attending.

Today I was privileged to sit under the expert guidance of Jodi Clements, the president of the Australian Dyslexic Association.  She is an excellent presenter and her knowledge of linguistics is to be admired greatly.

We covered much in a day packed with theory.
One area covered was…

The Task of Reading


We examined  and discussed the steps involved in reading and how each sequential step is vital for automaticity in reading success.

1. recognition of the letters of the alphabet.  if you don’t recognise the system it makes no sense!

2. understanding of the speech sounds that the letters represent that can be blended to make words.

3. vitality of meaning.  Merely pronunciation words is not an indication of success in reading.

4. finally decoding words accurately, fluently and automatically

Naturally we started with the basics to ensure everyone’s understanding of terms was full and correct and then moved on to bigger and better things.

Looking forward to a great day again tomorrow.

Nite, nite!
Mrs StoweSmile


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