Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bloglovin’ - I made the move


Thanks everyone for the heads up about Google Reader closing tomorrow, July 1.

At first I ignored it...thinking it sounded much like the panic with the

millennium bug
(that didn't happen)

but after a while...several groans and grunts, I did it.
I worked my way through all of your advice and switched to

Follow my blog with Bloglovin' target=_blank>Bloglovin'

Now, if I can do it anyone can so please follow me at Bloglovin'.

I have tried and tried to make a button and link it in but I can't so you'll just have to roll your eyes and shout NEWBIE then click on my link Bloglovin’ words. I am so glad I made you laugh and it was worth the cost of my dignity. to learn more about inserting things that aren't photo's on my blog...

julie 2013

I am determined and I will win.
However, if you have any compassion for me please send some advice/direction.

Happy Blogging!
Mrs StoweSmile


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