Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Along comes wombat

Now who could teach a unit on Australian Animals and neglect my favourite the
Hairy Nosed Wombat.
The other day I heard one of the Little Learners say in my defence,
‘Mrs Stowe just loves wombats.  I don’t know why but she does…okay!!’ 
{Got to love it when the Little Learners protect you!}

I do have a few wombat soft toys in the classroom.


I’m not sure why I love wombats so much but I do.

Maybe it links back to my treasured childhood memories of family evenings gathered around the TV to watch A Country Practice in which ‘Fatso the Wombat’ was a star.
(ooh Australian TV in the  80’s was good stuff!)


Last week the Little Learners gleefully read Wombat Stew.  A great read indeed.  They loved chanting the rhyming verses together. Making a Wombat Stew craft was enjoyed by all.  
The Little Learners made their own Wombat Stew.
First they cut out and added the things they wanted in their stew to a big pot picture,  Next they labelled all the things they added by reading and selecting matching labels. Finally they each wrote a recipe for their Wombat Stew. 

It was lots of fun.Smile

P1000985 P1000986

Happy Tuesday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Mrs. Whary said...

These are awesome! I miss Fatso too :-)

Julie Stowe said...

Thanks...You are so encouraging. How about when Molly died, wasn't it the saddest moment ever! You must have been a baby. :-)

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