Monday, 24 June 2013

WBT–The Scoreboard

An oldie but a goodie…

Meet my Kindergarten WBT Scoreboard...Smileys and Frownies!

I LOVE using The Scoreboard with Kindergarten.
It’s another fabulous idea from wholebrainteaching that promotes great behaviour and focussed Little Learners.

Although I admit that I was uncertain of its potential success at first for any grade, let alone in Kindergarten.  In fact I was sure it wouldn't work with the Little Learners at all but could see it possibly being effective in older grades But guess what??? It worked a charm. It has proved itself to be BRILLIANT and a permanent system in my classroom.

I simply printed my icons, as seen below, cut them out and Blu Tacked them to my chalkboard.
The Little Learner’s were immediately intrigued.  Then to reel them in…

Give it a go - I am so glad I did!


Kinder Cottage Smiley and Frownie Scoreboard

What is this Scoreboard? I hear you ask. The Scoreboard is a whole class motivational tool. You simply put two icons on a board, one representing success and the other room for improvement. Every time your class is achieving your expectations you exclaim,
'1 second party!' and,
Gesture -
hold up one finger and add a  point below the Smiley on the scoreboard, tally style.
 Now this next part is priceless - Your Little Learners then shout out enthusiastically,
'Oh Yeah!' in response to you.
Gesture -  They raise their arm and punch up into the air.

If you see or hear something that you want to discourage you simply exclaim,
' Mighty groan! and, 
Gesture - shrug your shoulders, hang your head down as if disappointed then add one tally point below the Frownie on the scoreboard.
Now for the priceless part - The Little Learners voice 'Ohhhh!'
Gesture -  sadly sigh loudly and slump shoulders.

It doesn't take long before the children are checking the scoreboard and quietly encouraging each other to do their best to ensure Smiley wins. You need to maintain a difference of no more than 3 tally points between the Smileys and Frownies all day for optimum motivation and you must give points frequently. 100 points a day is suggested as a guide for the first few weeks.

I know, I know, you are thinking doesn't this distract the Little Learners from their work tasks?


Quite the opposite which is amazing. The Little learners very quickly make their enthusiastic responses to your points then continue with their tasks without you  prompting to do so. It is really, really funny to listen to their responses, watch the Little Learners gesture,  then immediate back on task reactions....all without you saying a disruptive, off task word.  Sometimes I just give them a point to watch their response and marvel at how motivated and on task they are!


The Scoreboard needs to be in a prominent position allowing quick, easy access.

By the way...there isn't any reward at the end of the day, week, month or ever. Kids just enjoy the challenge.
After about a term you can crank it up/refresh it by telling the kids that they are soooo amazingly good that they have moved to the next level. Simply write 'Level 2' on the board above the icons and off you go again. Hilarious...but this genuinely motivates the Little Learners. Theory suggests that they are so used to playing computer games that progressing to the next level is mental reward.

Give it a go. I promise it works beautifully and it’s fun too.
Mrs Stowe Smile


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