Saturday, 15 June 2013

Australian Animal– Mr echidna


We are learning as much as we can about Australian Animals as preparation for our first big excursion to the Australian Reptile Park next week.

My Little Learners gobble up every fact and gleefully use the facts in thematic discussion times.  Doesn’t it just amaze you how many facts they can actually recall when they are only 5 and 6 years old… Now if I could only remember where I left my keys!!

On Friday we looked at the echidna then we made our own little guy.

The Little Learners used pencils to shade the entire picture of an echidna.  (Okay stop laughing at the design…yes I drew it.)  Next they cut up a rectangular piece of light and dark grey paper to form triangular shapes.  Finally each shape was attached to the body with glue only on the thick part of the triangular piece so that the spikes would stick up and be…well…spiky!













I love it that the Little Learners are not inhibited to always recreate reality but dare to be dynamic and colour as they see it.  The rainbow face is a classic example.

Happy Sunday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Mrs. Whary said...

Love their (and you) little echidnas :-) Have fun at the Reptile Park........hope you don't have to hold that snake this year :-)

Julie Stowe said...

LOL...I am older and stronger and I will say NO to the snake handling. (and tee up one of the others too!) :)

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