Monday, 10 June 2013

Whole Brain Teaching– 5 Class Rules

Whole Brain Teaching excels again!!
5 Essential Rules
Right from Day 1 of Kindergarten I teach my Little Learners the 5 basic class rules that underpin our positive classroom environment.  The wording of the rules below is a slight variation from those introduced by Chris Biffle at but the effect is the same…pure bliss!!
According to WBT the brain learns best from multisensory learning, seeing, saying, hearing, doing and feeling.  These rules very quickly become part of daily routine and begin shaping responsible Little Learners right from Kindergarten.

The  posters are displayed in our classroom,
laminated A3 sized,
for reference throughout the day.

I also use a smaller A4 sized set everyday with the Little Learners.

Ashley from created the bare bones of the posters above.  I added my beloved gingham border to personalise them slightly. I have also made my own spotty posters available at  my TpT store  for free.
Every morning without fail the Little Learners and I run through our class rules. 
I Love the WBT multisensory approach as the little Learners are able to read the A4 sized rules…flash card style. (visual stimulation)  At the same time the Little Learners recite the familiar rules chorally, (auditory stimulation) and make big gestures ( gross motor stimulation)

How Long does it take?
Honestly… I thought it would take several weeks for the Little Learners to know and participate in our class rule gestures.  How wrong was I!!!!  They knew them in a day and within a week were taking turn out the front of the class leading the gestures.

Good to shake things up after a while. BUT…warning DON”T STOP.  Don't think that they have got it and slack off reciting.  If you stop regular reminders of the rules the Little Learners will think that you no longer value the rules then disaster… so my advice is plain and simple.  Keep it regular and keep it routine.

How to do it?
Rule 1 – Listen while your teacher is talking.
Gesture 1 – cup your ear saying ‘listen’, point to the teacher saying ‘teacher’, open and close fingers together against thumb (like a duck beak) saying ‘is talking’.


Rule 2 – Follow directions quickly.
Gesture 2 – move 2 fingers like legs walking from your shoulder into the air space directly above as you saying ‘follow directions’ then quickly pull the arm back down to your shoulder as you say the word ‘quickly’.  the kids LOVE this.  Smile


Rule 3 – Keep your hands and your feet to yourself.
Gesture 3 – shake both hands in front of body saying ‘ keep your hands’ then point repeatedly to your feet saying ‘and your feet’ ,finally make a fist with your hands keeping thumbs sticking up tilted towards your chest saying ‘ to yourself’.


Rule 4 – Raise your hand to speak or stand.
Gesture 4 – move hand up above head as when indicating needing assistance saying “raise your hand to’  while its up high make the duck beak talking gesture saying ‘speak’. Next tilt the wrist forward and make 2 little legs with fingers to represent standing tall or stand’.  this all happens really fluently.  It is much harder to write than actually do.


Best is always last!!!
Rule 5 – Keep you dear teacher happy. ( add on …by being safe, kind and honest.)
Gesture 5 – hold hands either side of face, fingers spread apart, big smile on your face tilting head and hands  from side to side (like a clown) saying ‘ keep your dear teacher happy’.  I always quickly add the words,  “and I will be happy if you obey the rules and are safe and kind and honest.”  The Little learners nod their heads as we chant these last words…it’s adorable.


Want to know more?…
Common you know you do…head on over to and see these rules for yourself.   Love that this site and its contents are free, free, free and very helpful.
Then head on over to my TpT store and get my rule posters for free.

Well that’s it from me…Happy Monday! Mrs Stowe Smile


Mrs. Whary said...

Yep, I'm definitley going to be looking into WBT more- you have me hooked!

Julie Stowe said...

I was skeptical but as they say proof is in the pudding! Go on give it a go and you wont be sorry.

Anonymous said...

So happy to find your blog! I teach at a Christian school in Perth WA and I love WBT too! I used it for the first time this year and I will never turn back! Thank you for a great blog. God bless.

Julie Stowe said...

Thanks for your encouragement. I couldn't agree with you more WBT is fabulous. Great to find another Christian teacher onboard too. :-)

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