Monday, 3 June 2013

Shh…it’s a secret sentence

Once a week my Little Learners joyfully participate in a Secret Sentence lesson

It begins like this…

Teacher:  Shhh everyone.  I have a secret sentence for you.  I can’t say it too loudly or the next door Kinders will hear. (loads of drama, loads of fun to lure them in)

Instantly the Little Learners are focussed on what I say next even though the same thing has happened each week using different sentences. Got to love Little Learners adorable enthusiasm.

Next, I whisper the secret sentence and have the children echo back in whispers.  We clap and count the words as we whisper.  We identify any sight words orally.  We repeat it one more time to a neighbour.  All of this fun is to secure the sentence in short term memory, encourage identification of sight words and prepare the children for the next step which is a graphic representation of the Secret Sentence. Then the children are now given a worksheet with each of the words in random order within separate boxes.  These boxes become cutting guides for fine motor skill practise as the Little Learners prepare their activity for assembly.

Finally the Little Learners reassemble the sentence and paste into a scrapbook and illustrate to match the text. 

In order to differentiate the task.Be right back

1. Learners requiring support – match the words to a support sample as they reassemble and paste.
2. Standard learners – reassemble and paste into books as described in  outline above.
3. More able Learners – Write the sentence, copy style, below their reassembled sentence.
4. Advanced Learners – complete the task as listed at top then add another sentence or two of their own.

NoteAll Little Learners read their sentences back to me individually.Note

I have created many of these Secret Sentences and will post when they are bundled ready for your use.

Happy Monday!
Mrs Stowe Smile





PS  The above samples are from the first three weeks of the school year.  Sentences increase in complexity as ability demands.  Smile


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