Wednesday, 12 June 2013

little learners Love playing teacher

Mini chalkboards are a hit with my Little Learners.

While I cough at the dust as they bang the chalk filled dusters against the little boards and cringe as chalk dust covers their clothing, the Little Learners thrive

They simply love to draw and write for each other.

 Star First the Little Learner’s  read an early reader and participated in a guided reading session. 

StarNext they were asked to teach a partner something from their story orally.  This was hilarious.  There were Little Teachers having their partners clap sentences, finger spell and rhyme.

StarThen the Little Learners were to ask their partner to write a sentence that they dictated to them onto the chalk boards.  Of course the partners were chosen from the same guided reading group to assist with the sentence content, sight words and grammar focus.


I captured a few mini teachers in action today!

I love the photo’s.Smile






Happy Wednesday!
Mrs StoweSmile


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