Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Young scientists Looking at our world…

Running through the alphabet…again and again while marvelling at the beauty in creation.

Jiggling jellyfish


Today the Little Learners used half a paper plate, wax crayons, permanent marker pens, crepe paper and glue to craft a line full of jiggling jellyfish.

It was a simple activity but the Little learners embraced it completely.

First they chose 2 different coloured crayons to colour the outside of a paper plate in a regular pattern style.

P1010116  P1010120

Next they seriously LOVED using my teacher permanent markers to add eyes.

P1010117  P1010121

Tentacles were attached to finish the craft. 

P1010125  P1010123 P1010122

The Little Learners chose the line in the room to display the finished product before we viewed the scene from Finding Nemo with the jellyfish.  I like giving them choices for display.  Sometimes they come up with great ideas.  Today they just wanted to hang them on a plain line.  Later in the day we decided we would dye the wooden pegs blue and dip them in glitter, just for fun! {okay I did encourage this idea. However it was seconded unanimously.}

Next we explored the site, How Jellyfish Work. If you haven't had a look there before it is definitely worth it.  The Little Learners were fascinated by all the interesting facts and so was I.  We decided to

take a second look at our jelly fish and …
compared them with the animation from Finding Nemo and …
the reality from the How stuff works site. 


It was such a wonderful time of comparison. Loads of interesting verbal language which I jotted down on a poster sized record sheet.  We listed the detail of each sample and concluded that real jellyfish were AMAZING!!

Happy Wednesday!
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