Friday, 27 September 2013

we are a little bit naughty…sometimes!!

Today I thought I’d share the process that has most transformed my Little Learners recall and correct formation of sounds/letters.  That’s right after
24years teaching
I have found the answer that cements the sound of each letter for


Best news ever is… 
the process ensures that the Little Learners form the letter correctly at the same time. (association)
SAME TIME and its fun!!!

A Little Bit Naughty…

This is how I sold the concept to my Kindergarten class.  I told them I was going to teach them something a little bit naughty that no other class in our school of 1100 had ever been allowed to do.  We were going to write on our desks with TEXTA (white board markers)


Naturally they were keen.

Before we stared I told them that they had to copy me exactly, no talking in between or it simply would work and Id have to pass the texta box to another class to try.  I also made them aware that if they wrote anything else other than our ‘special’ work’ I would have to take their texta and they would complete the activity with their finger which would be missing all the fun.  They swallowed these instructions hook, line and sinker and to this day have not done anything they shouldn’t do in this lesson.

Step 1  I demonstrated a single letter formation on our Smart board.  ie 'a’
            While I demonstrated I made the short sound, just once.
            Step 2 I repeat this step again next to the original formation, again with the short sound once.
            Step 3 I repeat exactly the same thing again BUT before I begin said ‘eye’s closed or look      away’  as I wrote the letter and vocalised the short sound.  You form the third letter without looking at what you are doing.  Try it. We can do it because our brains have a well developed pathway.  This step for the little learners strengths this development for them.

a a a

Step 2  Look at the Little Learners and say ‘ your turn’ and gesture with one hand over to you, bringing your hand forward, palm up, sweeping left to right.’  
At this point the little learners commence writing on their desks,
repeating exactly as you demonstrated. 
All you hear is repeated short sounds and
all you see is letter formation with intense concentration or
eyes closed (for the final attempt)

Below are some samples of the Little learners in action. 

2  3

4  photo

I usually practise about 5 sounds everyday this way and the results have been
ecause the little Learners have established a strong sound letter formation association using 3 senses –

visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. 

Even my weakest children are now brilliant at forming letters and can quickly recall how to form the letter shape. 
Did I mention how successful this has been.  Brilliant!!!! 

For Little Learners initially forming incorrectly…you scan their desk tops, quickly head over, demo on their desktop and have them trace your modelled formation first as they say sound then they process with the next 2 steps.  It easy and it works. 
And to clean up…
give them a dry tissue or wet wipe.
Absolutely no fuss getting out mini white boards and packing them up etc.  I keep the whiteboard markers with their desk supplies on their desks

Not my idea at all but a small part of the Multisensory language Education (MSL) course I completed last holidays at the Australian Dyslexic Association.  This course was the best PD I have ever completed and I believe it should be mandatory for all training teachers…but that’s another post in itself.

Happy Saturday!
Mrs Stowe Smile


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How fun! A great way to save some trees as well! :)


Julie Stowe said...

Another great reason I love it! :-)

Lyn Goff said...

I'm trying this with my little ones on Monday:)
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Welcome Lyn...:-)

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