Monday, 23 September 2013

Numbers 1-10

Ice-creamelicious fun


How much fun matching numerals to play
Ice-Creams Memory Game or Snap game.


My Little Learners also loved playing

 Ice-Cream Trilogy
Each player has 4 cards, they take turn turn discarding a card and taking one from a turned down pile of cards.  Object is to make a trilogy set match.  ie one, 1, picture of one ice-cream. 
The first to make a trilogy wins.

photo4   photo2

So much fun they didn't know they were revising and conserving numbers 1-10

Uncut the posters make a beautiful set of
wall reference posters
in beautiful pastel colours. 

Cut in half they become terrific
Math centre activities
limited only by your imagination.
*numbers can be ordered by numeral or number name or pictorial representation. 
*For an extra degree of difficulty try giving the Little learners mixed sets to order.

You could make your own cards or use my created  pack.


Its a pity that the colours didn't photograph well using my iPad but just imagine the prettiest pink and you’ve imagined well or check it out at my TpT store.

Happy Spring Holiday Break!
Mrs StoweSmile


Rhonda said...

These look great Julie.
I am always pleased to meet another Aussie. I am also an Aussie blogger although I have been out of action for several months.
I am your newest follower.

Classroom Fun

Julie Stowe said...

Thanks Rhonda. I know your blog and it's great.
Julie :)

Barbara said...

LOVE these!!

Julie Stowe said...

Great compliment coming from the graphic designer. Thanks Barb. :-)

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