Thursday, 26 September 2013

Game storage idea

Need a good excuse for eating chocolate?  I found a GREAT excuse..


Ferrero Rocher chocolates
come packaged in cute little clear plastic reusable containers. 
Different sizes housing different amounts of these delicious little chocolates.

I hear you say.

Well…these little boxes are perfect to house some of the games we print and laminate.  Just have a look at the nine chocolate balls box below and how neatly my maths matching cards are stored.  It made me so cheerful to discover this that I went right out and bought another pack.  Now admittedly not the best idea to eat my way to a storage solution but very tempting indeed.


In actual fact,
I will put an add in our school newsletter
asking families to collect them and send them in to me. 
In a school of 1100 students I'm guessing I’ll get a few. 
If not then plan B it is…I’ll eat my way through.


By the way if you’d like to know more about the game click here.

Happy Wednesday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Barbara said...

That's a brilliant idea, Julie. I could totally eat my way through those, too:)
Wow! You have a BIG school. I thought mine was huge at 465 but it's a baby compared to yours:)

Paula Shaw said...

What a great way to store things. Let me know if families donate heaps or you are eating your way through heaps.

Liz C said...

what a fabulous excuse to eat yummy chocolates!
Two other ideas for storage - when you buy a men's shirt or a set of sheets/blankets they often come in plastic bags with zips. Very handy too!!

Julie Stowe said...

Thanks Liz. I really dont need encouraging in the area of chocolate eating!
Thanks for your other ideas too. I will certainly be looking at storage ideas differently from now on in. Love to recycle whenever I can.

Julie :)

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