Monday, 2 September 2013

Artist in residence


Today the Little Learners spent 3 hours with a visiting artist who taught them to sketch a portrait then paint it on a canvas.  They loved the step by step experience which was so much fuller than the guided drawing activities I do with them.  They were patient and focused and produced portraits of which they can be proud.

Step 1 involved sketching onto paper while the artist created focal ideas for them.


Step 2 The Little Learners sketched again only this time onto canvases.


Step 3 Mixing paint to create a skin tone then painting.  they used when to use a small and large brush and how to correctly hold a brush too.


Step 4  Little by little different colours were added to create a background of choice and coloured features.


Step 5 Finally they used black to define their portraits and  dah, dah…here they are!

                    P1010413 P1010434 P1010433 P1010429   P1010422 P1010414 P1010417 P1010421

I love using experts to enhance the Little Learners experience.  Do you have specialist visitors at your school?  What do they do?  I'm looking for our next venture.

Happy Monday!
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Mrs. Bartel's School Family (Alyce) said...

Great protraits!

Nilangi said...

Yes, It's always good to have specialist in different areas, so that children get more experience!

Julie Stowe said...

It is fabulous having specialists. I love to watch them interact with my class and see what I can learn from them too. :)

Barbara Leyne said...

Aw, those are beautiful!

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