Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Happy Father’s Day

Oops… I forgot to post this little Father’s Day Celebration.

One of my colleagues saw this gift idea or something similar, on Pinterest and we decided this was the activity for the Little Learners
2013 Father’s Day Gift
It was so simple and the results were gorgeous.

pic 1

We three Kindergarten teachers tackled this task on a major scale containing placing all 68 Kinders in one room with their shoes and socks off watching an animation on a Smartboard.
(God Bless the Smartboard)

BTW…the smell was horrid. 
Note to self, next year do this at the start of the day!!!

Next, a few Little Learners at a time were taken into another classroom and one of the teachers wrote on their feet in permanent marker.  That’s right permanent marker.  One parent told me that their child’s white socks were marked and so was their white bath…what can I say…all in the name of good art.  The parent wasn't actually cross, just saying!

Next the Little Learners were seated one by one on a table that was covered in a dark sheet.  They had to cross their feet so the camera could see the message on them as the focal point.  Sometimes it read ‘Daddy I love you’ and other times ‘I love you Daddy’ 
Either way it worked.

The photos were printed off in sepia and put inside a cheap little black frame.

Gorgeous indeed.

Later each Little Learner wrapped their gift in wrapping paper. 
Honestly you have never seen so much sticky tape used. 
I am sure that the Dads had a heck of a time unwrapping on
Father’s Day Morning.



Simple and Sweet

Mrs StoweSmile


Paula Shaw said...

I am in love with these feet photos, what a great task
Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

Julie Stowe said...

Little feet are super cute...what happens they get old!!! Thanks for your comment. :-)

Nilangi said...

lovely...An Excellent idea.

Barbara said...

Very sweet! I had no idea Fathers Day in Australia was in September. Ours is in June. Go figure!

Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

Miss Trayers said...

Wow-what a cute idea and what a lot of work for you guys! :) I'm sure the Dads were very grateful! :)


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