Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Almost 3/4 Through Kindergarten and Loving It…


In Australia our school year begins at either the last few days of January or the first few days of February.  Our school year ends in mid December. 
We have 4 terms that are usually are approximately 10 weeks each. 


basically we have 10 weeks of school then two weeks holiday,
10 weeks of school then two weeks holiday,
10 weeks of school then two weeks holiday,
10 weeks of school then two weeks holiday,
10 weeks of school then six weeks Summer holiday break including Christmas. 
Remember our summer is December, January & February.

Almost 3/4 through Kindergarten means reading, writing and maths skills are really coming together so I thought I share some of the Little learners writing today.

The writing was in response to the lovely story called,
by Janell Cannon.

P1010360   P1010361  P1010362  P1010367

  P1010368   P1010369

Happy Wednesday!
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Paula Shaw said...

This writing is amazing. You must be so proud. I tell my kids that they make my heart smile.

Daples said...

We are just looking at our stationery list for next year, and was wondering whether you use books with lines? We have used the Qld year one red and blue lines, but the children find it hard to write on these. I like the look of your lines above . . . Do you have books like this or do you make these up?

Sandi said...

Pretty awesome writing. Enjoy the kindergarten home stretch.


Julie Stowe said...

I have finally reached the time of the year when you love story writing because all the skills are coming together and it's exciting to see. I cut up landscape Kindergarten lined books and the kids cut off the part they don't use....some kids are writing more than a page regularly now. I don't use lined paper until mid Term 3. Before this time the kids write directly onto the blank scrapbook page. Will email you the details for my book. :-)

Lauren Kuhn said...

Hi Julie,

We used blue lines in semester 1 and red/blue lines in semester 2 this year. We are ditching the red and blue lines next year - we are going back to focussing on letter shape/formation rather then their position on the lines. Hoping this is a wise decision! :)

Lovely writing from your little ones.

Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

Daples said...

I found some books called dotted thirds, is that what you use? I need to finalise my list for next year, can you email me the brand of the exercise books you use?

Julie Stowe said...

Hi Daples sent you an email yesterday with product code etc. it's a Tudor yellow landscape book, 32 pages, nsw, available at Officeworks. :-)

Daples said...

Hi, I did not receive the email, but thanks for your reply. Have a great weekend.

Barbara Leyne said...

Wow! I think that's very impressive for kindergarten. Some of my ones weren't doing that well at the end of last year!

Alison Hislop said...

WOW you kids are writing is so great!

P.S. I love our 10 weeks to 2 weeks off structure, I am definitely ready for holidays!


Julie Stowe said...

I love it too. Makes you wonder how the old 3 term structure was to teach under....hmmm!

Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

Liz C said...

Here in Tasmania this is the first year of having 4 terms instead of 3. And I am LOVING it! So much better!

Wonderful writing work! Well done to your little learners!!

Julie Stowe said...

I can't beleive that you only just changed to 4 terms! You must feel so much more refreshed. I cannot imagine teaching for longer than 10 weeks at a time. The kids get tired and do I.

Hats off to you!

Liz C said...

oh yes, it was exhausting! 14 weeks (with a week for Easter), 12 week, 15 weeks! We were always so sick and exhausted!

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