Friday, 23 August 2013

swamp run


Science Week…

our Senior school provided our Junior school with some fabulous times. 
It’s great having Physics, Chemistry and Biology Senior school teachers
promoting all things science to our Little Learners. 

The kids were blown away by their week long experiments and shows. 
Everyday was an adventure.  One favourite activity was…

The Swamp Run.


Strategically placed at the bottom of the stairs leading to the oval, the Little Learners were intrigued from the beginning of the day as they peered at the set up. 
Several stories circulated about what was happening  in the playground. 
The Teachers were loving it – especially our Physics Teacher, 
who donned fancy apparel for the occasion.


This one particularly delighted in advising all of the Kinder Kids to take off their shoes and socks,
stating that the
Kinder teachers
would help them all put them back on after their swamp run!!!
…he’s soooo funny. Hmm


The Swamp run was a HUGE tray filled with cornflour and water. 
The Little learners had to trust the science experts as they advised the Little Learners to run and not walk through the swamp.

One brave Kindy teacher
volunteered was persuaded, pressured to model the process. 
Luckily I was on photos!


And here they are…

P1010332  P1010308 

It was hilarious. 
There were those who did exactly as they were told and safely made it through the swamp. 
Some made it half way, doubted and sunk. 
Then again their were some who right from the start could not believe the ‘scientists’ and sank right from the start as they slowly stepped into the swamp.

P1010317  P1010316

My favourite was a little fellow who was doubtful, sunk, then tried to get out with his hands which also got stuck. 
We had a few tears but mostly giggles and joy with everyone wanting more attempts to cross the swamp. 
Two feet together kangaroo jumps were a successful way to journey the swamp and looked very funny too.

P1010324  P1010310

All in all a really fun week. 
Thanks Science Team!

Happy Saturday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Sandi said...

Literacy Day and now Science Week. You have such wonderful cross age group activities at your school. What wonderful fun and learning -for both bigs and littles.


Lauren Kuhn said...

What a great idea! Such a fun activity for your kids. :)

Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

Julie Stowe said...

It is great fun working at a kindergarten to year 12 school because we can do things as a junior school or whole school. The high school kids lose all their silliness when they interact with the little kids. It's actually quite lovely.
Julie :-)

Karen LeBlanc said...

What a wonderful activity! Our school is Pre-K through 12th grade. I would love to have this interaction at our school! Thanks for sharing!

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