Friday, 9 August 2013

Cats Sleep anywhere…



This week in our unit learning about ‘Pets’ the Little Learners drew some amazing cats.  It was a guided drawing activity and I am always thrilled with their results so let me walk you through their process.

Step 1. Brainstorm everything the Little Learners know about cats. then specifically look at physical features.

Step 2.  Good old You Tube…there are some wonderful clips to show how cats move not to mention the various types of cats.  Google images - Mane Coon, the largest breed of domestic cat.  It’s hilarious absolutely huge!! Laugh, tell stories and examine the details of each cat.

Step 3. Begin the guided drawing.  Its all based around a simple oval shape that I found the Little Learners could easily do.


Step 4. Use 1 colour wax crayon to alternatively shade a dark then light stripe.  This is great for assisting the refinement of downward pencil pressure and it gives a textured finish to the cat fur too.

               P1010263  P1010264


Step 5. Colour the eyes dark and the face lightly then outline everything in black crayon.

                P1010271  P1010277

Step 6.  add the cushion.  Again only use 1 colour crayon varying the pressure to make patterns on the cushion.

               P1010281  P1010290

Step 7. The Little Learners voted on a green dye wash to complete their product.

              P1010296  P1010297

I haven’t hung them up yet but below you can see them drying.  It should make an eye catching display.  We also read a few cat poems and next week will add one of our own with lots of alliteration and adjectives. Have you found any great poems I could use?

Happy Saturday!
Mrs Stowe Smile


Barbara Leyne said...

Aw, those cats are so beautiful! Guided drawing lessons always turn out so well. I love doing lessons like that.

Jennifer Reck said...

I love your kitties! I agree with Barbara, guided drawing lessons always turn out well...and I can't even draw!
My kids always loved this poem...
That spells cat!
Mine eats all the time
and now he's F-A-T...fat!
Your newest follower,
Owl Things First

Julie Stowe said...

Isn't it amazing what the Little Learners can produce!
Thanks for your encouragement ladies and thanks for the cute poem too.
Julie :-)

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