Friday, 16 August 2013

My Piano Man…



Deviating slightly from my kinder posts just because I can. 
Although still about a school event.

Hats off to our Senior School Teachers

Last Thursday our school held its annual MAD night (Music, Arts & Drama).  The evening showcased some of the talents of the performing arts students in their final year at school.  These kids were amazing.  Credit to their teachers who persevere, encourage and channel their talents. While this MAD night is for fun, the students will present their items in about a month to a state judging panel and this will form part of their final school assessment.  In Australian we call this final school assessment HSC (Higher School Certificate) and it is used as entry for university. It includes all subjects the student studies.

Well…my son is in his final year and he is a gifted pianist!!
Okay, I know what you are thinking but honestly parent love aside,
He really is gifted…
Harry can hear something and reproduce it effortlessly. He plays with feeling and our home is filled with beautiful music of all styles from classic to jazz and more. Id like to add that he gets this gift or even talent from me but…he doesn’t.  I cant even clap a beat.  Sad but true. Sad smile

Just wanted to say WOW!!


you are incredible and so humble. 
You are a blessing and an inspiration.
All the best for your HSC

What a great night!

Listening to the CD now…speechless.

Let your light shine.

Happy Saturday!
Proud Mum
Mrs StoweSmile

PS  Thanks for your indulgence friends.

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Nilangi said...

woow,you can be really proud of your son!


Julie Stowe said...

Thanks Nilangi. I most certainly am proud. He is a lovely, mature Christian kid who brings me great joy...most days!!

Julie :-)

Moments From First Grade said...

Congratulations! I love the piano! Kirsten

Barbara Leyne said...

A beautiful post and a child to be proud of!
Barbara @
Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

Julie Stowe said...

Thanks ladies your support and understanding counters the wrath of my son for blogging about him.
Julie :-)

Karen Le Roux said...

How lovely to be surrounded by good music at home! It's a mum's great privilege to be able to post about such a talented son��I hope he wasn't too embarrased. He sounds like such a blessing to you.

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