Thursday, 22 August 2013

K-6 Literacy Day

This week our Junior school held it’s annual

Literacy Day.

Each teacher selects a book from either Australia’s short listed award potentially winning titles or a favourite book and creates a little bit of fun for the Little Learners.  we hold the groups from morning until lunchtime.

The children from Kindergarten to Year 6 are placed into groups of about 18 students, mixed grades.  Each group spends approximately 30minutes in a teachers classroom listening to a story and completing an activity.  The group then moves on and experiences a new book every 30minutes until lunchtime.

It’s so lovely to watch the older 12year olds interact with the Little 5year olds.  It also gives the “bigger” kids an excuse to really enjoy picture books that they otherwise think they are too mature for.

What did I do?  I hear you ask.

I introduced the groups I had to Peggy by Anna Walker


Peggy is the delightful story of a chicken who finds herself in the city then makes her way home again to the country.  Its absolutely gorgeous, both story and illustrations.  The author cleverly uses a double  page spread of delightful illustrations and simple wording towards the start then repeats this double page at the end of the book to bring the story full circle visually and in writing.  The unexpected treat is the final page which leaves everyone with a smile.


Did you think I was going to tell you what happens and spoilt the story for you. No way!

Peggy the hen is given many human characteristics which are very funny as she fumbles her way around the city but rather than spend the reading time is ruckus laughter, it just makes you smile all the way through as you explore the illustrations.  It was a feel good story for sure.

Our Activity

We discussed chickens and I told the Little Learners how I had taken an egg from the fridge as a child, wrapped it in tissues and a hand towel and hopped it would hatch. 
Yes…I was pet deprived and…stupid!

Next the Little Learners played a game of
Memory in three’s. 


I printed the chicken and chicks freebie from TpT.
I laminated and cut them up ready for the day. 

I made six sets. 

Each chicken has upper case alphabet letters while the little chicks had lower case letters.

All ages enjoyed matching memory style.

P1010346  P1010353


Happy Thursday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Sandi said...

I think your school wide literacy day is wonderful. Think I might need to have a chat with my school administration.


Julie Stowe said...

It really is a lot of fun and doesn't take much organising. Except for forming the groups but once this is done each year you just take off the year 6 kids and add the new kindergarten kids...easy!
Julie :-)

~brookeb~ said...

Your day looks great! Did you all dress up as well? I had to go to a course on our Book Day but last year all the teachers went as characters from Alice in Wonderland

Barbara Leyne said...

That's a great idea. I love how it gives the older kids a chance (as you said) to enjoy the storybooks. I haven't heard of Peggy. I'm pinning that one:)

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