Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fire Awareness Week

While reading a post from

Sandi at Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes

about Fire Awareness Week,  
I was reminded of a funny fire situation I faced at home a couple of years ago…

Being the ever clingy mum cherishing every ‘last’ experience with my rapidly ageing teens. I asked if they would like to get up extra early (Australian time zone) and watch the closing ceremony for the Olympics with me.
Okay… so I was met with maybe, we’ll see etc.

…until I added the lure of delicious treats and a hot breakfast in front of the screen. 
My beautiful daughter asked me to wake her up on the said morning while my gorgeous son decided to sleep in front of the big screen to avoid dragging his tired body up and out of bed.
Such obliging children.

Anyway I was happy. 
I bounced out of bed and gently woke up daughter who cheerfully complied wrapped in a quilt.  Son …well he was ready in the the TV room.  As we watched and we really were enjoying ourselves, I decided to cook the pancakes etc.  Our kitchen looks onto this family area.

This is the Fire part!!

I was contently standing at the gas stove top relishing the moment we were sharing when I suddenly smelled something burning.  I looked down and thought ‘darn I have burned the pancakes.  I lifted each one but no sign of blackness nor burning.  I looked around then suddenly realised that my white terry towelling bath robe was singed black from waist to shoulder.  As I realised it was me burning the robe burst into flame at the front.  I tried to undo the belt tie, struggling and cursing myself for being so good at tying it up tight,  but couldn’t so a patted the flames with my hands and somehow managed to extinguish the flames.  My robe was black and various shades of brown from my waist to almost my shoulder on the right side. 
A really hilarious Mrs Doubtfire moment indeed. 

Now the funny part…

In a state of shock I simply went on with my pancake cooking.

I walked over to deliver the pancakes and my son just looked at me in amazement.  He burst out laughing and on hearing what had just happened laughed louder.  He could not believe that this whole scenario had taken place a few metres behind where they had been sitting watching TV.  Nor could he believe that it all happened in silence.  I was totally silent through the experience.
(surprising reaction – silence)

Pancakes were great and I did manage to create a memory that we will never forget. 
Not quite the way I'd expected though!!!


Better head over to Sandi at Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes for some
real Fire Awareness Week help or check out my blog post, People Who Help Us.

Happy Thursday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Sandi said...

Glad you were okay. Glad your kids still got their pancakes! And thanks for the shout out.


Julie Stowe said...

You are most welcome Sandi. I love your blog. :)

Paula Shaw said...

It takes a lot to rock our teenagers world. Glad you were okay and the pancakes were devoured by said teenagers. My son would have also camped out in the lounge room. He wanted to sleep in the car once as we had go to the airport early.

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