Sunday, 13 October 2013

My First Giveaway…

I have finally finished formalising a copy of this resource. 
It has been an old faithful year after year. 
It’s a word flipbook.

I think I just learned how to do this so here goes...
1 lucky reader will receive a copy of my flipbook free. 
Just enter above and the draw will take place
October 16. (assuming I did it all
I tried to get the entry below
I couldn't so its above

Phase 1 (Begin with sounds only)

After the first couple of weeks of Kindergarten I begin using my flipbooks.
First, photocopy the cover and about 12 blank pages with the numbers 1-7 on the left. Note that the booklets are thin list style.  I cut an A4 page in 4 width ways.  The kids love the easy to handle size.  Its a bit like a longer notebook/shopping list style.
Now you are ready 

Everyday the Little Learners flip to a new page in the booklets and wait ready to listen. 
I call out a single sound, hold up one finger then repeat the sound. 
The children repeat the sound while holding up one finger then they write the letter on their page flip style.
Needing More

I repeat the above process daily
adding simple cvc, vc and cv words as the children become confident sound/letter users.
Phase 2
As the Little Learners are ready I introduce a single line next to the number and
begin to demonstrate how letters sit on a line.

I continue the dictation style as above.  I forgot to mention above that if I am dictating more than a single sound I always hold up the matching number of fingers as a prompt.  The children also do this as they repeat the given word before writing it.


Its quite funny but every year, every group of learners create a concentrating hum in unison as they orally sound the word they are writing.
It’s music to my ears!!
Phase 3
During term 3 of Kindergarten I introduce writing lines.  Obviously now the Little Learners are writing the letters to form words confidently and I am focusing on the correct letter height  in relation to the lines.

Assessment Easy…
This activity is quick and easy but does show you who is needing extra support and where. 
ie beginning middle or end sounds. 

It also shows who is confidently identifying all sounds. 
I gradually split these learners off with independent group activity and work more closely with the others. 

I use this process right until the end of the year. 
It is part of our daily routine.
Why not give it a go?
You could create your own flipbook by stapling a bunch of pages together list style and have the children make their own design on the cover.  I did this for years. 


head over to my Tpt store and grab yourself a copy. 
Each phase as described above is ready to print, cut and add 2 staples to the top.
Either way please give this a try with your class.  It works…
Don't forget to enter my draw at the top.

Happy Sunday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Barbara said...

Hi Julie! I tried to enter your giveaway but it's already closed :) Am I too late? I hope not!

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Mrs. Whary said...

Rats, I tried too and it didn't work :-)

Julie Stowe said...

Thanks for entering ladies. I will email you both a all round. Thanks for your encouragement. I'm sure it was my error!! :-)

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