Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Definitely Still Wearing My L Plates…

Well folks,
I tried really hard to run a give-a-way.
Yes, I even used the fool proof Rafflecopter but somehow I still managed to fail.  It didn't work and sadly I know it would have been user error.

defeated I am NOT.
So the winners of my give-a-way were the lovely two ladies who left a comment on my post.

Barbara from Grade ONEderful


Mrs Whary the Teaching Fairy

I have emailed you both a copy of my flipbooks and
have all ten fingers and toes crossed that the email worked!!

If you feel pity for me then please leave me some advice or any tutorial sites and I will gladly do my homework. Please be kindSmile

Happy Wednesday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Barbara said...

Thank you, Julie! It's a cute little book:)

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