Saturday, 5 October 2013

Kindergarten Term 4–Here I come…

I have that ready feeling.
You know the one when it’s the end of a term break and you have filled your mind with 1000 things from blogger friends that you want to try out in your classroom with your Little Learners. 

My home workspace is cleared, clean and clutter free.

Cupboard sorted – check!

Desk cleared – check!

Ready for a fresh start – check!

Book on desk…hmm…

photo 1

Just put away the book that was on my desk and now it is definitely
clutter free!

photo 3


that is a microphone in the bottom right corner and
I don't sing. I share the other side of this room with my kids but it is
MY room!
(I actually love them coming in to do something while I work)

Stepping back a little…

 photo 4

Well…that’s it today. 
Heading off to enjoy the sun before the term begins.

Happy Sunday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Mrs. Whary said...

Have a great know my desk is never that neat!

Julie Stowe said...

I sure do and that's why we made the perfect ' Odd Couple' working together. Wish your new job was with me...those were the days. :-)

Lori said...

Such a clean and neat desk! Wish mine was all cleaned off! :)
Conversations in Literacy

Julie Stowe said...

LOL...maybe I should have taken a before and after desk shot...mine doesn't usually look like this. However, every term without fail I resolve to keep it this way. :-)

Barbara said...

Ooh, I love a tidy looking office!
Have a super 4th term ~ don't you love that "I'm ready to have a great term" feeling:)

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