Sunday, 19 May 2013

Madness…did someone say madness…

School registration

School registration fortunately only comes once every five years.  This past two weeks have been chaotic to say the least.  Not only the general uploading of  beautifully prepared and registered programs after hours of painstakingly dotting of ‘i’s’ and crossing of ‘t’s’. (we all know about that one) Why is it that we never think what we are doing is good enough at registration time?

Registration is also the general overhaul of everything in the school. Policies, documents, programs, WH&S, gardens, classrooms tidy… I feel I’ve done all but dust the children!

Enough whinging…Almost there… Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we have inspectors on site and as for Friday…

I declare it  FUN FRIDAY!!!

Can’t wait to get back into blogging. YAY!!

Until tomorrow Goodnight.
Mrs Stowe Smile


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