Monday, 27 May 2013

A Promise is a Promise

Before and After drawings.

Below are the clown drawings as promised… yesterday!
Click here if you missed yesterdays post.  The red dye was has not photographed really brightly as in true life but I think you still get the idea.



Reading Readiness

Ready Set Go

This is the set up for tomorrow’s Reading groups.

  1. Guided Reading – I run this station.
  2. Listening Post and activity – Little Learners listen to a story then complete a related task.
  3. Reading Activity – a rhyming focus this week
  4. Sight Word Practise – bingo after matching words to sample
  5. Home Reading – Reading home readers to and adult then selecting a new book to take home.  Also sharing familiar texts with a partner.

More on these tomorrow Smile

Now let’s take a look at my new signs…

 P1000882…….SmileP1000877….SmileP1000875….Smile   cute!Smile

Special thanks to Mel from Frog Spot for her fabulous freebie lady bugs…brilliant!!
and…to Teaching by Hart for the lovely freebie Digital Paper.

Happy Monday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Julie Stowe said...

I love these ladybugs created by Mel, From the Pond

Julie :-)

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