Monday, 20 May 2013

clowning around

We had some fun in class creating these colourful clowns

The Little Learners used oil pastels to colour a clown face, gloved hands and big boots.  They then cut them out and pasted the pieces to a rectangular piece of tissue paper that had been scrunched in at both ends.
(I hand drew the template and photocopied it - rough but it did the job.)


We later wrote some creative stories that began… “The Little clown …”
Yes we are learning about the circus…and loving it!


The signs hanging between the clowns and on the wall display were created using a 3AM Teacher  free frame template which was perfect for the circus theme.  Thanks Michelle, your work is amazing and very much appreciated.  The design I used was actually from her tpt store and comes in a whole range of terrific colours.  Have a closer look below.


Happy Monday!
Mrs Stowe Smile


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