Saturday, 7 December 2013

Daily Five…so Far so Good

With just a few short, end of year, days to go
I am still powering forward with the Daily Five

I want to try as much as I can in preparation for the new Kindergarten coming in 2014,
as well as giving the current Little Learners a kick start for Year 1 in 2014.

I'm excited because the Year 1 teachers have decided to …
implement the Daily Five in Year 1 next year. 
This is great news for our school…JOY!


We’ve started

1. Read to Self
2. Read to Someone

so now its time for…

3. Listen to Reading


We started this piece of the Daily Five the same way as the others by creating an anchor chat.  I was impressed with the way the Little Learners quickly assisted filling out the details because they were so familiar with the other Daily Five anchor charts.

We practised behaviours that would not be helpful and yes, Mister Tricky acted superbly twisting headphones and fighting over CD choices.  He even managed to pull our plugs and push buttons. 


when he was then asked to demonstrate the correct behaviours for
Listen to Reading
he was a star and receive the due praise that meant he settled quickly into the session and
was the ‘go to’ specialist who carefully controlled volume and CD player buttons. 
Crazy but this process of practising and identifying poor behaviours followed by good choices just works. 
Don't ask why, just enjoy it.

My Little Learners sustained 20mins Listen to Reading with absolutely no problems at all. 
They were too cute with an occasional giggle or singing along.  
Cant wait until next year
because we will have a class set of iPads
so many can participate in Listen to Reading at the same time. 

At present I can only have 4 at a time,
which is okay but more will be wonderful.


Listening along together.

photo b

What next I hear you say…

Number four of the Daily Five, Work on Writing. 
I must confess we have already started this but
I am behind blogging so I will catch up soon and share the fun we had with this one.

Happy Saturday!
Mrs StoweSmile

PS  Don't forget to click on the links above to my other Daily Five posts. And keep sharing your successes with Daily Five.  I have appreciated your sharing and love reading your posts. Smile


Kimberley said...

Daily 5 has been great for me as well. I love how the kids just know what to do and I can spend a minimum amount of time prepping new work for them to do. Thanks for sharing!

First in Maine

Julie Stowe said...

Surprisingly it is a winner for me too. I thought I run things pretty smoothly but NO. this independent structure works amazingly well. Love it...:-)

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