Friday, 13 December 2013

2013 Australian School Year Over

Yay…I survived 2013!

(Come on, you know I mean that in the nicest possible way.)

In Australia we have just finished our school year. 
Our intake is aligned with the calendar year. 
New kids arrive at the end of January and finish in December. 
Yes… that means I have just finished school for the year.


My Little Learners will return after our Summer holidays as
great BIG Year 1 children and I will get my NEW Kindergarten class.

2013 was wonderful
and we ended our time with the usual hectic rush of assemblies,
Thanksgiving gatherings and Christmas parties. 
It was a fast pace,
to say the least, right until the very end. 
Have a look at our final day photo below.

photo 1

The Little Learners decorated a ceramic star for their Christmas trees,
adding 2013 and their name to the back
to commemorate their final day as Kindergarteners.

Next we set up our long table as a banquet feast and celebrated lunch together. 
There were presents and smiles all around. 
My Little Learners gave me the usual amazingly generous array of chocolates
and perfumes and gift certificates. 
Then they presented me with a
class cushion

It was so sweet. 
Each child had designed a square
and one of the grandmas sewed the whole thing together. 
I love it.

Feeling very loved and special indeed.

More exciting news!

Have at look at my bare classroom.  Everything off the walls and windows…very boring looking.

photo 2


Over the Summer break our 3 Kindergarten rooms are being completely renovated.
I cant wait to come back to the sweet smell of new paint and new carpet and new furniture too. 
Even my office will be renovated with a new external door and air-conditioning!

Right now, I'm off to a carnival & Carols

Happy Happy Saturday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep! said...

Congratulations on finishing the year in style! I've been on holidays for a week now and it's been amazing. Lucky you having your classroom renovated! It will be so exciting getting it set up in January. :)

Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

Erica said...

How cool that you get to be remodeled!!!! It's always fun to have a fresh start. :)

Julie Stowe said...

Will be sure to post renovation photos after the holidays. Very excited!! :-)

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