Saturday, 15 July 2017

Ice-cream Alphabet,

We love themed rooms!

We all know that setting up a new classroom or revamping an old one is our perfect way of getting
organised and having fun. 


feeling somewhat inspired, I finally sat down and created something new for the classroom.
It's a  deliciously ice-cream themed - alphabet freeze.

Doesn't matter if you are getting ready to usher in spring or if you are living in the northern hemisphere and clinging to that summer feeling...
Who doesn't like ice-cream! 

Here's what happened...

I took six delicious Barbra Layne created ice-cream graphics and papers and melded them to come up with the
Ice-cream Alphabet Wall Freeze
Your Little Learners will love looking for their letters and sounds amongst the ice-cream cones.

Like you I refer to alphabet letters/sounds in Kindergarten everyday, every hour, in fact all day. We read sounds forwards from the alphabet beginning and backward starting at 'z', we practise them in order and randomly to ensure every single one is well known. We look for alphabet associations within the room, bring things from home and best of all build solid foundation for literacy.

Alternatively, you could use the cards by placing them high on the wall and adding words beneath the letters as your Little Learners require them for writing - word bank/wall style.

I would most likely print two copies, one for the wall and one for flash card use as a whole class.

Theme, theme, theme...

If you like a thematic look in your classroom you may wish to look at some of my other 
Ice-cream themed products at my TpT store or send me a suggestion and I'll create something. I'm currently working on a WBT, Super Improvers Wall using the theme.

Have fun and happy Sunday!
Mrs Stowe


Barbara said...

Hi Julie!
Great to see you blogging again:)
I love what you did with my ice-cream clipart! It's always so fun to see what other people come up with.
Take care,

Deborah said...

Yes, it's been a super while. Looking forward to seeing some more blog posts. :)
ps. I had a few hiccups on my blog recently so there's been a serious overhaul on it - I've got you in my 'educating friends' list now. :)

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