Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Aussie autumn & Gum Trees

Here in New South Wales, Australia we are on our 2 week Autumn/Easter Break.


Temperatures are definitely cooling down and we have experienced

23oC – 26oC

for the past week.
(that’s 73.4 –78.8 Fahrenheit)

I probably should post pictures of the beautiful beaches and waterways but I have decided on a few autumn plants this time.  why not have a flick while I get a cardigan!

Gum Trees

I went outside to capture a few pictures for you of our Gum Trees. 
They don't lose their leaves and are very tall, great for shade.

photo 1

  photo 2  photo 2  photo 2 


A Few other plants that grow around my place in autumn.

Not flowering at the moment

              photo 3   photo 5

Bottle Brush & Banksia

          photo 1   photo 4


photo 3

Kangaroo Paw
(a little too much sun in this shot)

photo 5

And some Daisies..

    photo 1photo 3

Not really sure what this random plant below is but I do know that those orange round things somehow get from the front yard over our house to the backyard and into the pool!


Although to be honest, I plead ignorance and rarely clean the pool.

photo 4 

Now if you made it down to here you probably think I'm a bit of a gardener but no! 
Sadly all I touch turns to brown. 
These are plants that grow all year without attention fortunately.

Not a teaching post but just a little share today.
Now…where is my book?
Time for a holiday rest.

Happy Thursday!
Mrs StoweSmile


Mrs. Bartel's School Family (Alyce) said...

What beautiful photos! Oh, someday, maybe a trip for me to Australia... My sons would LOVE it!! Happy Thursday to you!

Julie Stowe said...

Well if you ever do head down under please come and visit me!
Julie :-)

Barbara said...

Well there you are! I was too lazy to google gum tree, but now I know. Thanks:).
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